Why should you buy dmae?

DMAE, also known as “dimethylaminoethanol” and “dimethylethanolamine” is included in a lot of food items that we consume. It is present in the beneficial portion of oily fish which a lot of us consume for the health benefits that it has to offer. DMAE is also available in the form of dietary supplements and you don’t always have to eat oily fish to gain this amazing nutrient. These supplements are great for vegetarians and people who do not have easy access to oily fish. DMAE compound is also used in lotions, creams, and other beauty products since it is extremely beneficial for the skin as well.

As a dietary supplement, DMAE improves the energy levels in our body and it also helps in sharpening your focus and concentration. This is because DMAE is a rich source of choline which helps in the production of acetylcholine in our body. Acetylcholine promotes the functioning of the brain by fueling the brain cells which is why consumption of DMAE is extremely important if you want to boost your cognitive abilities.

Make sure that you buy DMAE from a trusted manufacturer so that you get to enjoy most of its benefits without experiencing any side effects. Here are a few reasons why you should use DMAE supplements:

Cognitive abilities

DMAE improves your cognitive functions by increasing the production of acetylcholine in the body. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that plays an important role in improving your memory, mood, and brain function. There are studies conducted in the area that proves that DMAE can help people with mental impairment in order to improve their memory. However, more research has to be done on this topic to consider it as a reliable solution for such issues.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

ADHD is a disorder that can affect mostly kids and teenagers. It can also be carried along to adulthood if not taken care of properly. A lot of studies conducted in the 1970s brought into light the fact that DMAE may have a positive impact in bringing ADHD under control. According to NYU Langone Medical Center, DMAE helped in dealing with the symptoms of ADHD from what they observed after a clinical test done of people who suffered from ADHD.

Anti-oxidant and antiaging

DMAE is a popular ingredient is a lot of beauty products like lotions, creams, and face packs since they have anti-oxidant properties. When consumed internally as dietary supplement, DMAE was found to slow down the aging process since its anti-oxidant property helped in neutralizing harmful free radicals. Free radicals are the major culprits when it comes to early signs of aging and age-related disorders since they cause a lot of damage to our cells. A 2012 paper published in “Drug Metabolism Letters” reports that DMAE is good at getting rid of particular types of free radicals which makes them a vital component in promoting general health.


Another great reason to use DMAE is that it has very few side effects. It promotes general health, slows down aging, and improves your cognitive abilities with very few or no side effects. Drowsiness, elevated blood pressure, confusion, headaches, weight loss, and insomnia are some of the side effects noted by researchers in clinical studies done of subjects who consumed DMAE. It is also advised that people with epilepsy or a history of seizures should avoid the use of DMAE. Nevertheless, these side effects occur very rarely among the users of DMAE. You can talk to your doctor about the dosage of DMAE or refer to the manufacturer’s instructions on how much of the supplement you must consume every day for optimum results.

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