What Is Hormone Replacement Therapy – How Safe It Is And How It Helps In Balancing Hormones?

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) relieves the symptoms of menopause through continuous treatment by replacing the weak hormones as the body approaches the menopause.

How safe is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormones are organic substance released within the body to regulate physiological activities. They act as messengers carrying the message to control the functioning of a human body. Hormones are created inside the endocrine glands specifically designed for secretion of hormones and other products directly into the blood flow to control emotions, mood, basic needs like hunger and complex system like reproduction. Synthetic and bioidentical are the two types of hormones within the human body. Bioidentical hormones are used to help in managing the symptoms of andropause, menopause, and perimenopause through a more natural approach. Bioidentical hormones are mainly derived from soy and wild yam to match the makeup of the chemical molecule by molecule.

Can Hormone Replacement Therapy lead to weight gain?

According to a study released by the International Menopause Society in 2012, in light of the World Menopause Day suggests that menopause does not lead to weight gain among women, however, there is a slight difference in the distribution of fat due to hormonal adjustments, which increases the fat.

By balancing hormones, a woman can lose weight. Imbalances in hormones slow down the metabolism and in turn, increases the fat storage. Through optimizing hormone and vitamin levels it leads to increase energy, improve your fat-to-muscle ratio and athletic performance.

How does it work?

Lab Tests

Patients planning to go for Hormones Replacement Therapy are supposed to run several blood tests in consultation with the doctors to determine vitamin, hormone and mineral levels within the body.


During the consultation process, the doctor reviews and discusses each lab result individually and finally recommends the dosage based on numbers and symptoms.

The main objective of Hormone Replacement Therapy is to replenish the depleting or lacking hormones in the body for its optimal performance.

How the hormones are to be taken?

There are four different ways in which hormones are taken by the patient, these are:

  • Ointment creams are applied on the skin.
  • Capsules or tablets through a schedule prescribed by the doctor.
  • Gels are another way of transferring the nutrients to the hormones.
  • Finally, through an injection that is given at regular intervals.

Reasons to make an appointment for Hormones Replacement Therapy

  • The doctors treat the patients with empathy while delivering high-standard medical care.
  • The main objective of the team is to slow down the aging process in the patients and helps them to enhance their quality of life.
  • Only natural and safe hormones and substances are used during the Hormones Replacement Therapy.
  • Get the best advice from the doctors during the whole procedure, while it may take time to understand the complications in the patient’s body.

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