What is a dental crown, and why is it of any importance?

Dental crowns are majorly caps placed over damaged teeth; they are used to cover, restore and or protect the shape of your teeth. Simply put, dental crowns are used for damaged teeth. Various materials are used to produce a dental crown, such as metal and porcelain. A crown on a molar might rarely show except when your mouth is widely open or have a crown on the front teeth explicitly made to match other teeth.

There are various factors to consider when choosing a crown. They include:

  • Price
  • Longevity
  • Strength

When choosing a dental crown, the main priority is not to detract from your smile. Dentists give various options and choose the best option you need.

Types of Dental Crown

Materials used in the dental crown are:

  • Porcelain: If you need a natural color match, it is porcelain you need. It is suitable for those who are allergic to metal.
  • Metal: This crown includes alloy with high gold content or platinum. It lasts the longest due to its biting force. They rarely break or chip, but a setback is the high price of gold. Metal crowns are considered the best option for Molars.
  • All-resin:  They are not expensive like others. However, they are exposed to fractures and shorter spans than porcelain.
  • Other materials

There are factors to consider when your dentist chooses a dental crown for you. The position where the gum tissue is is essential, as the tooth location. Also, the function of the damaged tooth needs a crown. The total number of original teeth remaining is also considered. Personal preferences or crown fell-off issues can be discussed with your dentist.

Short while crown

This crown is just for a specific time. It can be easily removed due to your dentist placing it over your tooth with an adhesive

A day crown

This is a crown for a single appointment offered by the dentist using computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM).

Crowns can also cover specific areas of the teeth if you don’t want to cover them all. The dentist might give this option. It is called an on lay crown.

When you have a large cavity too big to fill, you might want to go for a dental crown. Also, if your tooth is weak, it cracked as well. It can also be recommended if a root canal on a tooth.

Dental crown price varies depending on the materials or the tooth size. A gold crown could set you back due to its price and materials, but all-metal crowns, which are made of metal alloy, are mostly cheaper. Dentists add additional costs if they’ve to give a prep talk before applying the crown.

Why do we need dental crowns?

  • We need a dental crown to protect a weak tooth from decaying and hold a cracked tooth together.
  • A dental crown restores Worn-down teeth or broken teeth
  • When there is not enough tooth left, we can use a dental crown to cover the tooth.
  • A dental crown covers colored teeth.

Problems associated with dental crowns

There are problems encountered with dental crowns, and some of them are as follows:

  • The crown fell off due to underlying tooth decay.
  • The material used to make the dental crown is mostly metal, but it can fall off if you are allergic to metal; this is a rare case.
  • Dental crowns lose off due to the cement washing off, allowing bacteria to cause decay in the tooth.

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