Types of Physician Recruitment Firms and How They Operate

The physician placement companies were established to help the medical field with recruiting physicians. The main reason for the need for expert placement organizations was because most human resource officers lack the proper knowledge and experience of hiring the most appropriate candidates. Several medical care companies, hospitals, HRs, and medical groups now depend on the recruiting companies to help with the process to land the right physicians for the jobs. Additionally, many physicians also benefit from the physician recruiter services since they also assist them to identify job opportunities that best suit their level. Furthermore, the companies play a major role in helping hospitals find the best candidate they are looking for and also provide inquiry services to most medical centers.

One concern by most health care facilities is the fact that some patients usually end up in the worst situations unplanned due to a lack of medical physicians. The physician recruitment companies however help to ensure that medical specialists are availed in time. There are also different types of physician recruitment firms that can be compared and distinguished depending on their sizes and shapes. There are two major classifications of recruitment firms namely:

  • Contingency Search Firms

Many clients opt for contingency firms due to the added advantage that they do not pay the firms any fee until they have been successfully placed as a physician in a medical facility. This may however be disadvantageous especially when the firm focuses on the payment, therefore, forgetting about knowing the candidate and understanding the type of opportunity needed. The firms ensure that the candidate’s CVs and testimonials are submitted to various medical facilities additionally most medical facilities trust contingencies firms after working with candidates they have placed before. A physician, therefore, needs to select the best performing contingency firms for higher chances of landing an opportunity.

  • Retained Firms

Unlike contingency firms, retained firms expect their clients to firm make a fee payment before they start trying to place them in a healthcare facility. The candidates are also presented with various packages that they can choose from and the charges differ in each company. Whenever the client pays for such services and the right placement is not found, they will not refund the payable fee. These companies need their clients to take the risk. One added benefit for the clients is the fact that if they keep working with the firm they will finally be placed when the right person or place is matched. Additionally, retained firms always aim at fulfilling the needs of their clients making them more preferable and increasing one’s chances of getting the right opportunity.

Retained firms are dedicated to ensuring that the best physician for the best job is found. This is achieved by ensuring that they get to understand their client and make frequent visits for quality results at the end of the search.


No matter which type of placement firm a candidate or medical facility chooses to work with, each has a risk and an advantage. While contingency firms present their clients with volume, the retained firms are known to offer a thorough and quality approach. Before deciding on which contingency firm you want to work with, it is recommended to take time and understand each type of company for more appropriate results.

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