The art of recognizing and identifying mental health issues among children

If your child has got some kind of mental health problem, you shouldn’t feel too worried as these are extremely common these days. Above all, they are treatable provided you recognize the first symptoms of the illness and take him to a mental health counselor on time. One among five children is diagnosed with mental health issues and it is sad enough to note that two-thirds of them rarely get professional and expert assistance.

When mental health issues go untreated, this can bring about a serious kind of disruption at the way in which the child functions at school and also in the society. There are increased risks of failing at school when the children suffer from mental issues and when they’re left untreated. There are countless sites online that can help with problems like these. Additionally, guides like help you identify various mental health issues in your teen. Unfortunately, many people quickly pass over informational websites (for various reasons such as taboo, especially regarding teenagers) and thus limit their exposure to mental health help.

Without the proper treatment, children who have mental health issues are always at the risk of failing at school, getting involved in the criminal system, depending on the social services and they even tend to commit suicide. Family members and parents are the first people to notice when a child has any mental health issue and when his emotions go through any such change. The teachers, parents and caregivers will help you determine whether or not you will require taking help of an expert.

There are several signs which might indicate the immediate need of getting help of a professional expert. Here are some of them:

  • Plummeting marks and poor performance in school
  • Constant anxiety and worry
  • Poor grades in spite of putting in heavy effort
  • Fidgeting and hyperactivity
  • Refusal to go to school or to be a part of normal activities
  • Constant nightmares
  • Aggression or constant disobedience
  • Sadness, depression and irritability
  • Tantrums of frequent temper

Early identification and diagnosis of the disease

The initial step that you have to take is to complete the youth screening that’s intended for the young generation. These are the ones who are concerned about seeking attention, emotions or behaviors as these are the main signs of the issue. In case your child is diagnosed with mental health issues, you should get immediate help.

Take into account each and every signs and symptoms that he gives you so that you can immediately take him to an expert therapist so as to cure him as soon as possible.

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