Preserving Mental Health While Working From Home

Our mental health is something that many of us take for granted, and with so many people working from home due to the pandemic, it has never been more vital to look after ourselves. Working from home has meant that many people no longer can leave the stress and worries from work at the office, instead of being surrounded by them 24-hours a day. However, there are things that you can do that can help you deal with the stress from working from home, which can take some getting used to if you have not done it before. Below are some tips to help you preserve your mental health and stay productive during work until things open again.

Create A Structure

One of the most significant problems people face when suddenly working from home is replacing the structure you have in your workplace. You will want to try and create a similar routine at home as you have when going to the office. Ensure that you get washed and dressed, as usual, take breaks at the normal times, and start and finish work at the same time. Trying to keep a structure at home will help you stay productive and help you to switch off once your work is finished for the day.

Learn To Switch Off

With everyone worried about the pandemic, many workers feel under pressure to overperform at work to help ensure they keep their jobs. Psychiatrists such as Dr Anand Choudhary have observed a significant increase in the number of people feeling stressed about work, even though their productivity levels go through the roof. It is vital for your mental health that you learn to switch off from work and try not to look at emails and other correspondence outside of regular office hours. You will find it much easier to stay productive while working and reduce your stress when you have a clear distinction between your home and work life.

Do Not Overdo Video Conferencing

Some positions require workers to be in many meetings, and with offices closed, it has meant they spend a lot of time in video conferences. Initially, video conferencing was an excellent way to keep the lines of communication open and create a type of normality for workers. However, many people arrange video conferences when there is no need for them, which can lead to workers burning out with something called Zoom Fatigue. If you need to speak to someone and only require a telephone call, use the telephone rather than a video chat. Try not to overdo the video calls, and you can help keep your sanity while working from home and remain productive.

Take Regular Breaks

Many people find that now they are working from home, their productivity levels have significantly increased. They do considerably more work in a shorter time but still feel under pressure to do more. In the long term, this is not sustainable, so you need to find a balance between being productive at work and relaxing and forgetting about things at the end of the day. Ensure you take regular breaks while working, even if it is to get up and walk outside for two minutes or spend five minutes with the kids. Taking the time to care for your mental health will benefit the company you work for, as well as yourself

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