Perfect Body: A Dream Or Just An Illusion?

Have you ever dreamt of a perfect body without any trace of imperfection? Well, to speak the truth, there is nothing called a perfect body. Every creation on this earth is imperfectly perfect in its way. If you ever wish to bring change to your natural beauty, give it a second thought. Many people wish to change the shape of a particular body part. This is where Liposuction surgery plays an important role.

The procedure is not for an overall weight loss plan. It is not even an alternative to weight loss. It is best suited forfat reduction. If a person faces challenges due to being obese, they can choose a healthy diet and exercise for long-lasting results.

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction, also known as liposculpture suction, lipoplasty, lipectomy or lipo in short, is a kind of cosmetic surgery that uses a suction technique for fat removal from a specific area of the body. The area may be hips, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, arms, or neck. The fat is usually removed through an instrument with a hollow opening known as a cannula. The entire process is done with a high-pressure vacuum. There is just general anaesthesia involved in the procedure while treating some medical conditions.

How To Be Eligible For The Procedure?

The candidate must be healthy and have certain aspects. The required norms are mentioned below.

  • You must be within the 30% range of your ideal weight. For example, suppose, according to your height and other relevant requirements, your ideal weight is 65 kgs, then you must not be more than 84kgs.
  • The skin must be firm and elastic. This will help in executing the process smoothly.
  • If you are someone who smokes, this might not be an ideal procedure for you. However, this can have a serious impact on your health.
  • If you have any serious health issues, you might not be eligible.

Doctors usually stay careful before initiating the procedure. For example, they do not perform the procedure on people with irregular blood flow, heart disease, diabetes, or other immune system issues.

Burst The Myth!

Many people assume it to be the alternative method of weight loss. The best way to lose weight is by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Liposuction surgeryis usually for people who wish to see a contoured body. This procedure does not remove cellulitis, stretch marks or dimples. The procedure usually alters the shape of the body. Although, the change is subject to lifestyle. If the patient does not lead a healthy lifestyle, they might get back to the earlier stage. Sometimes, it can be even worse. So, it is best to understand the procedure and then proceed.

The Price Factor

Theliposuction surgery cost may vary from person to person. However, the price may somewhere range between Rs. 50,000 to Rs.5,00,000 or more in India, depending on the amount of fat required to be removed.

What To Consider Before The Procedure?

Consider the following factors before you go ahead with the procedure.

  • Consult with the liposuction surgeon and let them know about your allergies, expectations with the procedure.

  • Know about the risk factors that may come along.

  • Get to know about the cost and then go ahead with the process. Liposuction is usually a costly process.

  • Follow the instruction given by the surgeon after you decide to go ahead with the procedure. The instruction might be considering the diet and other restrictions. You must follow them.

  • If you consume any medication or have a medical history, let the surgeon know about it in the beginning.

  • Be clear about your goal with yourself and the doctor.

The Procedure Itineraries

The surgery might take place at a hospital or the clinic. Be sure about the accreditation of the place and its professional standards. Considering these facts would ensure that you are in safe and good hands. This will ensure positive results.

  • Go to the surgery with a trusted person. You will be discharged on the day of surgery, but there will be some sense of anaesthesia.
  • The doctor might take photos of the area while making for the procedure. Make sure you have full consent about the fact.
  • You will get anaesthesia. This will not keep you awake.

Final Thoughts

You might choose liposuction for fat reduction, but trust me, nothing works best than a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is a solution to all health problems. So choose a healthy lifestyle and life healthy. A perfect body could never be achieved without a healthy lifestyle.

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