No confidence in H1b visa application? You can trust law firm!

H1b application is very complicated, so it is hard for us who are busy with daily life and work to prepare the application by ourselves, because the preparation of visa materials alone may cost us too much energy, let alone many complicated things like rfe and supplementary materials. So finding a decent h1b lawyer (also known as h1b律师) is a necessary step to getting h1b, and most people have that need and are torn between a dizzying array of law firms.

We can find many law firms involved in h-1b business, but for the sake of local feelings and convenient communication, people generally prefer to find law firms set up by Chinese people. Here are a few law firms.

On the one hand, NYIS Law Firm (also known as 纽约小纽 )provides users with free legal information sharing service; on the other hand, it connects users with Chinese and American lawyers to solve legal needs. The h-1b pass rate is 94%, which is good, but h1b’s legal fees (also known as h1b律师费) are high.

The h1b article written by Zeng Law Group (also known as锦晖律师事务所) is not bad. Its business scope covers immigration, companies, real estate, trust and estate planning, etc. Of course, the handling of h-1b is also within its main business scope. But the business is more complex, lawyers are not many, easy to make people worry about handling the case will be busy error.

Ying Cao law Firm (also known as英卓律师事务所)  has offices in New York and New Jersey, providing immigration services, including various types of H-1B visas, as well as commercial real estate, non-profit organizations tax-free qualification applications, housing leasing and other services. The business is also mixed, and there are not many lawyers.

GOH1B is a law firm specializing in h1b, which is quite professional and must be proficient in many businesses. Besides, there are quite a few lawyers in the law firm, so they need to master clients thoroughly. It’s a good choice.

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