Making Wise Laboratory Furniture Investments: It’s more than optics and esthetics

Laboratory staff are some of the most hard-working and dedicated professionals in the scientific and healthcare sectors today. And given the prevailing conditions, the unrivalled importance of their work, and the criticality of the results, it’s important that lab operators consider the needs of the staff, and the environment, when investing in equipment. Be it a Mobile lab bench, bio-safety equipment, lab tables, or other furniture, while optics and esthetics is important, safety and comfort go hand-in-hand.

Why BSC…and Why Opt for Class II Type A2

One critical investment that lab operators can make is in sourcing a high-quality Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC). At LEI Sales, we offer uncompromising safety and quality in all our product offerings. Class II, Type A2 Biosafety Cabinet receive their classification based on high standards of performance and functionality, set out in NSF/ANSI 49. In combination with their ergonomic design, aero-dynamic grills, powerful blowers, and efficient HEPA filters, a BSC laboratory cabinet is the most efficient way to furnish your lab.

The ESCO biological safety cabinet is a Class II Type A2 cabinet, which means they’re equipped with the most advanced laboratory ventilation technologies. These features guarantee protection to the entire workplace, including product, personnel, and environment. The better blower-equipped cabinet is more energy efficient than many of its competitors, that still use older motor-based blowers. If laboratory operators are looking for eco-friendly lab furniture, that also deliver cost savings, then you’ve found it.

This unique piece of equipment offers:

  • Better personnel protection – by creating a 100 FPM (0.51 m/s) air barrier at the front of the BSC
  • Higher environmental protection – thanks to its high-efficiency exhaust and HEPA filtering process
  • More effective product protection – using an innovative laminar air flow process to prevent cross-contamination

With a 70% energy saving track record, this makes it the most energy efficient laboratory cabinet in the world!  The front grill is designed to efficiently draw-in polluted air from across the workplace. The BSCs exhaust capabilities suck out roughly 30% of the polluted air, through the HEPA filter at the cabinet’s top, causing 70% of the remaining air – now refined and cleaned of pollutants- to recirculate.

Support for the Entire Lab

While the ESCO biological safety cabinet makes for a safer workplace – both for personnel and samples – an efficient lab also needs to be supported with other furniture and equipment. One such supporting piece of furnishing is a mobile lab bench, combined with shelves. When space is at a premium, this combination package of a rolling table with built-in storage makes logical sense. What better way to use limited lab floor space, than to invest in multi-functional furnishing?

At LEI Sales, our clients enjoy the benefit of the experience of our highly experienced, globally plugged-in sourcing teams. While other laboratory operators scramble to beat the supply chain challenges, our clients are guaranteed expedited delivery on most of the products we carry.

Along esthetics and optics, we offer unbelievable quality and cost-effectiveness on both new and used lab furniture. Our value-based pricing model, coupled with our industry-leading interest-free installment payment options, means that your laboratory projects won’t just launch on time, but they’ll be of higher quality, and on (or even under!) budget.

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