How E-Cigarettes and E-Liquids Are Making Public Health in the UK Better

Smoking tobacco is not good for your health. The practice leads to different medical conditions like stroke, lung cancer, heart disease, and premature death. For instance, in the year 2016, a total of 120, 000 deaths resulting from tobacco use are reported every year in the United Kingdom.

To curb this vice, the government is investing in a campaign to convince regular and chain smokers to shift to vaping. The Public Health England intimates that using e-cigarettes is 95 percent safer than smoking tobacco. However, only a few of its citizenry are aware of this fact.

When in matters of health, the difference between the two is vast. When smoking traditional tobacco, you combust the tobacco and inhale the smoke directly to your lungs. With vaping the process is entirely different. Since an electronic cigarette doesn’t contain any chemical that’s present in tobacco, you eliminate the need to burn substances, making them safer for the user. You can visit your favorite online store to and enjoy these health benefits.

  1. Helps People to Quit Smoking

Quitting cigarette smoking is a tall order for many people. Nicotine, the chemical present in these cigarettes is highly addictive, and it’s not easy to break this process. However, vaping makes it easier for people to give up the habit for good.

Since an e-cigarette doesn’t expose its users to harmful chemicals, they’re able to stay healthy and productive for long.

  1. Eliminates any Secondary Smoke

If the person sitting next to you starts smoking tobacco, you should be worried. Reason being, you’re also inhaling these harmful chemicals as a secondary smoker.

The fumes you inhale will be as harmful as the toxins that the smoker is inhaling. However, with an e-cigar, there’s no secondary smoke. Even better, one can vape indoors in the presence of their family as it doesn’t emit harmful toxins to anyone. However, the person vaping should be mindful of the others in the room.

  1. Helps Solve the Public Health Mess

The UK is currently facing a public health crisis resulting from the use of cigarettes. These little sticks are killing over 120,000 people every year. This makes cigarettes more deadly than motor vehicle accidents and HIV/AIDs combined.

With such huge numbers, the government is trying everything to arrest the situation. Its latest strategy is to convince regular and chain smokers to shift to vaping. Such a simple act can help add the number of days you’ll live on this earth.

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