Hot Stone Massage – Relieve Muscle Pain and Tension

Hot stone massage is a type of therapy that relaxes and releases all the tension from your sore muscles. During this speciality massage, hot stones are placed on specific body parts. These basalt stones are flat and smooth, and have the characteristic to retain heat for long.

This massage is best while you are on a holiday, especially if you are experiencing muscle soreness agitated by car ride or long flight. Besides relieving stressed muscles, it an also promotes sleep, boosts immunity, fights depression etc.

Although there are many spas that claim to offer quality massages, but Strom Spa nordique is the best so far. They have skilled and experienced masseurs to cater to their clients’ needs.

 Benefits of hot stone Massage

  • It relieves tensed and painful muscles: It helps you relax and improves blood flow to the affected body parts. It also reduces the muscles spasms, gives you more flexibility as well as range of motion. The cold therapy will help you to get rid of inflammation. Based on your symptoms, hot and cold stones massage is alternated.
  • Reduces anxiety and stress: A research carried out in the year 2001 shows that a ten minute massage can improve cardiovascular responses. In another research carried out in 2015, it was found that people who undergo an abdominal colorectal surgery had less pain, stress, and anxiety during the post-operative massage.
  • It helps you to sleep well: Studies have proven that back massages help you sleep well. In 2001, toddlers who had a problem with sleep were given a fifteen minute massage by their parents and they went to sleep quickly.

Hot Stone Massage Process

The basalt stones are sanitized and heated in water in advance. Upon your arrival at the spa, you will be asked to lie on the massage table with face down. At first the therapist will warm up your body by giving you traditional Swedish massage. Later, massages you with the heated stones. As soon as the stone cools down, it is replaced with another hot stone. Different shapes and sizes of stones are used for this therapy, and the therapist knows which one to place where.

The risk and warnings

When having a trained therapist, generally a hot stone massage is safe. There are times when this massage should be avoid such as

  • zuring a bleeding disorder or while on blood thinners
  • Open wounds
  • Burns your skin
  • People with blood clots
  • Diabetes
  • Severe Osteoporosis
  • Had surgery month ago and more

Thus, before you take an appointment, always inform the therapist about your health condition.

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