Follow this article and learn about the uses of fullerene 

It would help if you realized that these carbon forms are used in different industry forms when it comes to fullerenes. Bardahl uses it to add this to the oil, for example. It is specifically used in the development of oil for the Technos C60. This oil provides a triple-protective layer, according to studies.

Evidence found that it can be used in various types of applications, such as coating, conductive devices, molecular network formation, etc. Water-soluble fullerene has shown effective findings in the pharmaceutical sector against human immunodeficiency viruses, which are the primary source of AIDS. As an antioxidant, it can be used as well.

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As a substance

The fullerene molecular crystal is a semiconductor with 1.5 eV~, and its properties are virtually similar to those of other semiconductors. It has typical electrical applications, including diodes, photocells, transistors, etc.

Use as Solar cells

Thanks to its electronic features, it’s usage in solar cells are one of the most advanced applications. Since the 1990s, the subject of comprehensive research has been on light-induced procedures in supramolecular and multicomponent systems involving fullerene c60 molecules.

For an electric battery

The electric battery must be emphasized in the midst of other exciting applications that use fullerenes. The foundation of these batteries is created by lithium cathodes. Fullerenes can also be used in the high-pressure phase of synthetic diamonds as replacements. This improves the return by 30 percent.

Applications in medicine

Rigorous research on the medicinal applications of this enzyme has been ongoing since it was synthesized. The main challenge that scientists faced in doing so was their insolubility in aqueous media and their propensity to form aggregates. This has been achieved using several methods, such as the encapsulation of fullerenes with hydrophilic molecules, the suspension with other solvents of this compound, and its conjugation with other hydrophilic molecules.


Fullerene C60 is known to be an excellent antioxidant, the most critical thing for us to concentrate on. Due to a large number of double bonds, c60 fullerene acts as a potent antioxidant. Its flexibility to penetrate easily into the cells, its nucleus, and its mitochondria helps establish a more powerful intracellular free radical hunter. It is an excellent promise against neurodegenerative diseases, and at the research and medical level, it can not be overlooked.

Recent studies often suggest that amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) symptoms are sluggish, and antioxidant properties indicate that it has neuroprotective effects on degenerative Parkinson’s disease and so on.

In Nanomedicine

Another critical zone of usage is nanomedicine. It is about enclosing beneficial compounds within fullerene balls for the body and directing them to bacteria or cancer cells. The spheres disappear absolutely when you will reach the destination and take all their power with them.

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