Float Your Way to a Calmer Day

Modern living can cause extreme amounts of stress. Daily commitments, such as work and family, can take an incredible amount of energy to tend to. It can be difficult to get away from all of the noise in your home or office. Even time spent away in your room, or an afternoon out, may be met with noise that begins to make you feel agitated. The key to ultimate stress relief is removing yourself from as much stimuli as possible. This can be accomplished by floating in tanks filled with salt water. Your entire body can take a break from the business of the world around you.

Sensory Overload

Your body is constantly gathering information from the world around you. You bring in information from things that you see, things that you hear, and even things that you touch. Taste and smell are also a part of everyday life. Your brain has to handle data from every one of these senses. Simply walking down the street can overload your senses after a long day. You may smell food from a nearby restaurant, hear children screaming in the street, or see many flashing lights. All of these at once can easily overstimulate you when you are already exhausted.

More Than Rest

Float tanks in Currambine are more than a simple rest time. When you sleep, your body replenishes itself, however, you are still exposed to things from your environment. You may also be woken up by your children, lights, or loud noises. In a tank, every effort is made to block out the world around you. The tank experience takes you away from everything, allowing your mind and body restoral time. When you are done, you are better able to handle everyday stressors.

A Fresh Start

Once you have had your experience in the warm saltwater tank, you should feel renewed and ready to face work or family. Your time includes water that has been warmed to the temperature of your body, along with the elimination of sound and light. Also known as sensory deprivation chambers, these tanks are meant to improve wellness. You emerge with a much healthier state of mind, for a completely fresh start.

Daily life can be challenging. There are many overwhelming situations that happen throughout the day that can add to the stress. Perhaps you have tried other forms of relaxation. Things like meditation and massage are often sought out when life gets to be too much. These forms of stress relief, however, do not help to remove the sounds, smells, and lights from the world around you. A complete break can be accomplished when sensory deprivation is initiated.

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