First Aid: A skill everyone should have

Have you ever been in a situation where you have needed a specific skill, but have not had it? It is not a comfortable place to be. If the skill that is needed is one that can save lives and you lack it, it is even more horrific. We are talking here about first aid. It is something that we have all seen on television. We know roughly what it is, and we have all heard about its benefits, but sadly the percentage of people who know what to do in the event first aid is needed is very small. It’s sad yet true and it is also very easy to remedy. As such, here are a few pointers to get you onto the road towards saving lives.

Be equipped

One of the golden rules of first aid is never put yourself in danger in order to save another life. In this respect make sure that the scene of the emergency is safe and secure first before trying any fancy moves. Also make sure that you are protected against disease transmission. Blood and body fluids can easily be transferred from victim to responder so if there is blood around make sure you are wearing Ansell medical gloves, or if you are going to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation then make sure that you have a valve in place between your mouth and the victims. You do not want to develop HIV or hepatitis, diseases which could end up killing you.

Do a course

Just because you have watched all the episodes of Grey’s Anatomy does not mean that you are qualified to perform first aid. In fact, you are probably more of a liability than an asset if that is the case. Rather seek out an accredited training agent and do a course where all the basics will be taught to you. A typical level one course will take a day or two to complete, but it will empower you massively. It is a great feeling to walk the streets knowing that if you chance upon an emergency you will be able to act rather than just stand around watching helplessly.

Ask first

It might sound strange, but it is an important part of the whole first aid process. Before you lay hands on a potential patient you need to ask them, or somebody who is with them, if you can help. In our modern litigious society there are far too many stories of good Samaritans who have ended up being sued by a first aid survivor. People can be very ungrateful and when something like CPR is done right it tends to lead to broken ribs or broken sternum, but it also leads to survival. Survivors, particularly in places like America are quick to head to the court to claim damages rather than to the florist to but thank you flowers. So, ask if you can help first so that permission is granted. In the event the victim is unconscious then, fortunately, consent is implied.

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