Explanation of What to Expect from Spa Treatment Package

Spa day for first time makes people wonder what to expect or what is in store. Below is a quick explanation, which helps you to take pleasure in your first day spa experience.

On arrival at the spa center

Arrive at the Montreal spa club half an hour early because there will a form to be filled. It is a health questionnaire, which allows staff to give a customized service. You can choose forfait spa à Montreal pour une expérience unique. The therapist will ask, if there are specific pain areas, you need to be addressed during massage.

You will then be directed to changing room. Wear the robe, you have bought and if you are booked for long spa treatment then enjoy steam rooms, gym or the swimming pool, at their facility. Take a tour around the facility to ensure that you return back to the massage or facial room without any delay.

During the massage

Treatment will be conducted according to the skin condition.  The massage takes place on a massage table. Sleep on the table with a drape around the body. The body part that needs to be massaged gets uncovered only on the part being massaged. Aromatic and specific oils are used for massage.

Talking less is good during massage but if you feel uncomfortable then don’t hesitate to speak. For getting good results communication is crucial.

Tell the therapist, if you need stress reduction, general relaxation, pain relief therapy, etc. The technique or pressure will be adjusted keenly, as per your comfort level.

After massage gets completed, the therapist leaves the room allowing you to wear the robe.

After spa treatment

If it is full day treatment then detox in sauna, dip in pool, raise your heartbeats on the cardiac machine at the spa gym. You can even go for a manicure or pedicure. However, you will need to pay for extra services that does not include in the chosen package. You can leave the spa anytime.


If the therapist is good then tip of $10 to $20 is fine. Leave a gratuity envelope on the front- desk when you check out. If you are going to return for another session then book an appointment before leaving.

Make sure to visit a spa that hires certified masseurs and skin therapist. They need to be committed to offer superior customer services.

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