Everything You Wanted To Know About Gender Reassignment Surgery

Medically known as genitoplasty procedure, Gender confirmation surgery is for those men and women who feel that they were born into the wrong sex and would like to adopt the identity of their preferred gender. Gender reassignment surgery is also known as gender affirmation surgery. The reason behind using the term ‘gender’ is because trans people undergo this surgery to align their sex-based characteristics with their gender. Let’s check out some of the benefits of undergoing this surgery.

Helps to regulate the bodily function

After undergoing the said surgery, the patients feel more at peace with their perception of identity. Therefore, their bodies work the best both on the psychological and social level. They will feel less gender dysphoria. The levels of depression, anxiety and other kinds of mental disorders reduce, improving the quality of their lives.

Better social lives

Gender reassignment surgery helps trans-men and women to maintain their gender sensitivity. A majority of them were able to lead better sex lives after the surgery. A whopping eighty-five per cent of those who underwent this surgery were able to achieve an orgasm that was earlier unavailable to them.

Who cannot undergo this surgery?

  • The person must maintain a healthy BMI because there should not be excess fat near the operating area.
  • The patient should not be suffering some bleeding disorders such as Haemophilia or Thalassemia. They should not have lifestyle or comorbidities such as high blood pressure, cholesterol and obesity.
  • Those suffering from pulmonary diseases, diabetes, arthritis and severe depression are unfit to undergo this surgery.

How to prepare for the surgery?

  • Take plenty of time to research and collect information regarding the surgery one wants to undertake. One should look into types of surgeries, cost, post-recovery procedures, standards followed by the hospital etc.
  • Talk to the insurance agent to check the per cent of expenses covered by the insurance company. Check the number of letters one needs to get the surgery done because some procedures require more than one letter.
  • One needs a stable and sterile living environment for post-surgery recovery. Therefore, arrange for it before one checks-into the hospital for gender reassignment surgery. Apart from the living conditions, one must have stable employment and a partner to help one to recover well from the surgery.

These tips will help one to make the final decision.

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