Everything You Need To Know About EMS Therapy

EMS, electric muscle stimulation, is a therapy involving the creation of electric impulses that help stimulate muscle contractions over some time.

EMS uses microcurrents to contract and painlessly expand the muscles in an area. This activates and stimulates the cells under the skin, bringing long-lasting results across different skin types. Since EMS therapy ‘exercises’ the muscles, it makes the muscles stronger and more toned.

You may be wondering what these effects generally mean for your face and skin. EMS reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, tones the skin more evenly, and enhances facial contour by making the muscles firmer.

In this article, you’ll see the benefits of EMS therapy, the recommended number of sessions, and if there are any contraindications or side effects.

Benefits Of EMS Therapy

EMS therapy is used in different fields, from physiotherapy to aesthetics. However, it is more prevalent in aesthetics and skincare.

EMS has been incorporated for several skincare purposes, from face massage rollers to several other anti-aging devices.

The most significant skincare benefits are:

●      Improving muscle strength

EMS can improve muscle strength and reduce the signs of aging. Since the therapy stimulates the muscle by expansion and contraction, it strengthens the muscles gradually. As your muscles get stronger, their endurance increases.

●      Radiant complexion

EMS isn’t just all about the muscles beneath your skin. It works on your skin from the inside out.

The therapy stimulates your muscles, making them more active and stimulating general circulation and blood flow underneath your skin. Enhanced circulation gives you the radiant glow your skin needs, and your complexion naturally becomes more radiant.

Also, EMS therapy enhances collagen production, keeping your skin youthful and radiant.

●      Sculpting and lifting the face

EMS therapy improves skin elasticity due to its cell renewal effect. Regularly using EMS devices like VIOLET can bring incredible anti-aging results, such as enhanced visibility of the natural contours of their face.

Since EMS stimulates the muscles, it can gradually lift the face by strengthening the facial muscles. Just as a regular workout sculpts the abs, regular EMS sculpts the face.

How Often Should EMS Therapy Be Done?

Some people may start seeing results after three to four sessions, while others may take a bit longer. Generally, you can start seeing results after four EMS treatments.

EMS therapy should be done three to four times a week. Most EMS devices can be used daily.

Each EMS session takes about five minutes, so therapy time doesn’t have to affect your daily plans.

Does EMS Have Side Effects?

EMS is a pain-free therapy that poses no risk to health generally.

However, people with cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases, epilepsy, cancer, or autoimmune diseases, may have some contraindications. We recommend discussing with your doctor if you have any of them.


EMS has come to stay, especially regarding skincare and aesthetics. You don’t even have to visit the clinic for therapy sessions- get EMS devices and do it at home!

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