Dentists for Pediatric Dental Ailments in Bundoora

All parents want to provide best of everything to their children, be it food, clothes or education. In addition, most of vigilant parents apart from providing good health also care and ensure dental health of their children.

It is therefore imperative for parents to inculcate habits of oral hygiene among their children as well as must get them checked by some efficient children dentist in Bundoora periodically for the proper growth and prevention of dental problems.

Yet despite every care most commonly, children develop some or the other dental ailments which are efficiently treated by specialist children dentist in Bundoora.

Common dental ailments seen among children

Among most common dental troubles in children treated by dentists include:

  • Dental caries or Tooth decay

The children are more prone to develop dental caries or cavities if they:

  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Diet with higher sugars and starches
  • Excessive bacterial presence in oral cavity
  • Plaque deposition
  • Using water with limited or no fluoride in it
  • Less than normal saliva flow in mouth

In the initial stages of development of dental caries, symptoms often do not appear but during advanced stages or if remained untreated, they may cause swelling, pain and infections.

Untreated cavities or dental caries not only can cause pain, infections and tooth decay but may create problems while eating i.e. chewing food, speaking, playing and inability in concentrating and learning.

  • Tooth Sensitivity

Sensitivity of tooth can pose serious discomforting problem to the children due to which they feel lot of irritation and pain while having hot or cold fluids or food.

The children with sensitive teeth may also even experience pain even while breathing hot or cold air.

Tooth sensitivity can be caused due to:

  • Dental decay or formation of cavities
  • Development of permanent teeth
  • Enamel wear and acid erosion
  • Excessive teeth grinding
  • Cracked tooth or missing filling

Any other dental treatment such as Orthodontic treatment for alignment of teeth can also cause tooth sensitivity.

  • Bad breath or Halitosis

This is one of the most common dental issues that can affect individuals of any age and are generally attributed to foods eaten. When it comes to children, apart from the foods, it can be due to some deeper root problem as well.

Usually, halitosis is caused by the resident bacteria in the mouth where they thrive on food deposited along with teeth and gums, sugar contents and plaque deposition etc. and produce foul smelling Hydrogen Sulfide gas.

With simple remedial measures like brushing and flossing, rinsing mouth before sleep can help preventing bad breath but in extreme cases children must be treated by professionally qualifies children dentist in Bundoora.

·         Gum disease

It is referred as Gingivitis in medical terms and pertains to inflammation of gum tissues. Gum disease is also primarily caused due to:

–          Lack of good oral and dental hygiene

–          Plaque formation or build-up

–          Infection

Untreated gingivitis may result in infection, swollen and bleeding gums and chronic gingivitis may also cause jaw bone as well as tooth loss and hence needs to be treated promptly.

In addition, excessive teeth grinding, thumb or lip sucking, over retention of primary teeth, baby bottle tooth decay syndrome, Tongue Thrusting, Orthodontic problems and dental emergencies are efficiently treated by children dentist in Bundoora.

When your child needs to be treated for dental ailments, you may rely on experience and skills of the best children dentist in Bundoora at Our Dental Clinic – a home the best for pediatric dental treatments.

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