CBD Treats Stimulate More Generation of Endocannabinoids Naturally

CBD products for pets can improve your dog`s health condition in multiple ways. But as CBD pet products are not regulated, you could buy the wrong product that does more harm than good to your beloved pet. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the dog`s body governs and regulates multiple biological processes, such as the digestive immunity system and brain functioning. The effects are more impressive as the molecule structure of endocannabinoids in CBD is akin to those found in the ECS of dogs. Vets often prescribe synthetic drugs for joint pain and arthritis for pets, but on many occasions, it gives rise to side effects like liver damage and mild to severe diarrhea.

5% of dogs suffer from seizure

On the other hand, Holistapet’s CBD treats for Anxiety, a CBD-based pet product with anti-inflammatory, analgesic properties, reduce inflammation and pain without side effects. When CBD binds with CB2 receptors of immunity and the nervous system, it stimulates more generation of endocannabinoids naturally that decrease inflammation and pain related to it. Dogs treated with CBD chews are less prone to sprain, torn ligaments, and hip dysplasia. Around 5% of dogs suffer from seizures which are petrifying both for the pet and the owner. In most cases, to treat seizures and epilepsy, antiepileptic drugs containing potassium bromide and Phenobarbital could irreversibly damage a dog`s liver and other organs. Studies revealed 89% of dogs treated with CBD had a reduction in seizures.

CBD acts like an antidepressant

Anxiety and stress are common among dogs. It can cause due to fear, separation, noise, and aggression. CBD treats are very potent in treating anxiety symptoms among dogs. If your dog bark or howl when he is alone, pants, and paces even if the temperature is not soaring, hiding in the corner of a room, then it could be a sign the dog is suffering from anxiety. Subtle body language such as lip licking, elating a paw, and looking distantly can be signs of mild anxiety. If you observe these symptoms and act promptly by giving CBD treats, it is less likely to aggravate. Animal studies show CBD acts like an antidepressant agent as it does in humans. When CBD is administered orally, the calming effect episode within five to twenty minutes.

Cannabinoids receptor; GPR55

As per the Veterinary Cancer Society, 47% of dogs (particularly those above ten years of age) die of cancer. Discharge from nostrils, mouth, or anus, foul body smell, lumps and bumps in the body, weight and appetite loss, and restricted mobility are common symptoms of cancer. The anticarcinogenic property of Holistapet’s CBD treats for Anxiety and is effective in treating malignant and cancerous diseases and relieving symptoms like pain and nausea. Research exhibits CBD obstructs a cannabinoid receptor called GPR55 that activates the proliferation of cancer cells.

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