Best Pain Management Injection

Many people try many methods to get relief from pain like acupuncture or corticosteroid injections. But nothing can give permanent relief. Amniotic fluid injection also called amnioflo will be used by many patients in order to treat their chronic pain, sports injuries.

This injection will help in repairing and regenerating injuries without any surgery. Amnio fix can also help in reducing scar tissue formation by acting as a barrier membrane.

What exactly is AmnioFix?

Amniofix is collected from willing and consenting mothers who have undergone scheduled C section. The amniotic fluid that is present for the protection of the baby will have all-natural healing components.

An Amniotic fluid injection contains growth factors, proteins, collagens and can help in healing chronic pain.

Who can opt for Amniotic injections?

Amnioflo therapy is very safe and effective. There are no side effects as of now for over 10000 injections that are performed to date. This treatment is ideal for the patients suffering from the below problems

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Tendon
  • Joint pain in knee, shoulder, fingers, wrist, ankles, or toes
  • Hip pain
  • Neck pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Healing of the wound.

How do Amnio Fluid injections work?

This fluid contains factors that can help with cellular growth. The stimulation in this fluid will promote healing of the wound making the pain vanish.

This injection has been used for health care for many years for the healing of wounds. Now it is being used in the treatment of orthopedic injuries.

This fluid contains hyaluronic acid and this acid is the main component in the joint fluid. This is the reason why joint health can be maintained if injected with amnioflo.

Side Effects involved in the Amnio Fluid injections

These amnio fluid injections do not have any antigens and hence there will not be any allergic reactions. This treatment does not need the patient to get admitted to the hospital.

The place where the injection is done will be sore for 2 to 3 days and it will be red. After the treatment is done some physicians will advise physical therapy as that will help in healing the pain.

How much will it cost?

In many hospitals, this amnio fluid injection will not be covered by insurance. So the patients have to pay directly during the time of the injection. This will cost nearly 350 $ and as this procedure will rule out surgery this is pretty affordable.

Generally, surgery will not be done at 350 $ and have all the benefits like there will not be any risk of infection as in the case of surgery as well.

Some insurance companies will allow insurance and so it is better to check with the company before reaching out to the hospital.


This Amnio Fluid injection is different when compared with other injections like platelet-rich plasma injection because this injection helps the damaged tissue to regenerate.

And there are zero cases in which patients experienced any side effects after the treatment making it safer. This injection will make the cells work hard to repair the damage in the tissue.

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