Are Veterans With Partial or Complete VA Disability Allowed to Seek Social Security Benefits?

If you are unsure about the influence of your disability benefits on your Social Security disability amount, make sure to consult an Arkansas social security disability attorney. All veterans of certain requirements and qualifications for getting Social Security disability.

Comparison of Social Security disability and VA benefits

The federal government runs the Social Security Administration and the Department of Veterans Affairs. The return of their department benefits veterans who have faced injuries as a consequence or during their active years of military service. It is referred to as service-connected disability. VA service-connected disability benefits I provided based on the percentage system. It is dependent upon how severe the disability is. Along with disability or its aggravation during active years of military service, the veterans must have discharge status, which must not be dishonorable. 

On the contrary, Social Security benefits are not decided on because of how severe the disabilities are. No percentage system is used well, considering the benefits. Along with that, the discharge statuses of veterans are also not taken into consideration when determining their Social Security benefits. There is no connection requirement regarding the injury and active years of military service. Social Security considers all the disabilities that will influence the working abilities of the affected individuals, which must be checked whether the disabilities are physically or mentally impacting. The impairment must be long-term and have at least 12 months of influence on the disabled individual.

Requirements to be eligible

In order to receive Social Security benefits, veterans are required to have medical conditions that prohibit them from engaging in substantially gainful employment. The latest guidelines of the Social Security administration suggest that any type of employment that leads to income above $1350 monthly is considered substantial gainful income. On the contrary, veterans who seek VA benefits other than total disability based on individual employability are allowed to seek employment and still get service connected via benefits. 

Veterans who are currently employed and trying to receive Social Security disability will phase denials in their claims as their income will be taken into consideration. If you are a veteran confused about applying for Social Security disability benefits, consult an attorney to thoroughly discuss your claim and the possible options to receive government aid. Every case is not the same. You will benefit greatly from personalized advice created for your case. An attorney’s guidance helps determine your case’s potential so that you can take the required steps to ensure the desired outcome. 

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