Another COVID-19 Wave

 Statistics from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) show that approximately 337 Omicron-related infections were reported in 21 EU and European Economic Area countries between December 8 and December 8.

The EU countries that reported cases without an epidemiological connection to travel from outside the EU include Belgium, Denmark and Finland.

This indicates that undetected transmission of communicable diseases may be taking place in many EU countries.

All cases for which data on severity are available were mild or asymptomatic. No Omicron-related deaths have yet been reported.

These numbers should not be taken as a guideline, since they are insufficient to determine if Omicron’s illness clinical spectrum differs from the previously identified variations.

What are the EU’s measures to stop Omicron spreading?

EU countries have imposed stricter entry requirements to prevent the spread of the Omicron virus and regulate its transmission. This includes third-country visitors and people traveling from Omicron-affected regions.

The United Kingdom

Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister, warned Sunday of an impending Omicron “tidal tsunami” and extended the deadline for giving booster shots to over-18s by one month, to December 31.

Following a sudden surge in Omicron-related infections, the Covid Alert Level was raised by the country’s medical professionals. He remarked on televised television that “No one should doubt that there is an approaching tidal wave.”

Johnson was criticized for breaking Covid limits last Christmas and described the spread mutation as an “emergency,” Omicron increasing by two to three times per day.


Denmark is Europe’s most rigorous screening program. It includes a high level of testing and variant screening for all positive PCR tests. This can give you valuable insight into Omicron.

The first Omicron infection in Denmark was found in a sample taken November 22. Since then, 1,280 cases of Omicron infection in Denmark have been reported. Omicron accounts for between 4.5 to 5% of all Covid-19-related infections in the country, as of this week.

Although the Statens Serum Institut’s information might not be accurate, it does reveal that more than 75% of Omicron-infected individuals had received two doses Covid-19 vaccine.

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