4 Considerations when preparing for the PTA exam

The preparation for any examination is very crucial to having a successful result. This is why students should always be focused on getting the best out of their preparation. It is on the back of this that this article has been put forth to discuss four things you need to consider as you prepare for the PTA exam.

Comprehensive study plan

It should start with a comprehensive plan. You should not leave it till the last minute before kickstarting your preparation – an impromptu one that would surely be. You should work out a plan, sparing a certain time or hours you need to study. You will have to do this with the study materials and topic in mind as this would ensure that you do not end up attending to things that are of little or no significance. You will also have to consider your study technique in this regard. You can employ mnemonics, flashcards, and regular reviews in studying certain topics – that may prove to be somewhat difficult. Lastly, you should be committed to honouring the time you have set aside for your study – you should build a culture around it.

Take practice tests

Taking practice tests is another critical aspect of your preparation as this would help you kind of gauge how well you have come to grasp specific topics. You should consider taking as many practice tests as possible over the course of your study routine. You can do this in such a way that you will go through the test at the end of every week – after you must have finished reading the materials. You should have an honest review while on the test, taking note of the questions that you didn’t get right, as well as those you attempted guessing. This would help you to know the topic or areas you need to get back to and study better as you read.

Consider supplementary study materials

You should not limit yourself to a particular set of study resources as there are ample materials provided by the National Physical Therapy Exam board. You may need to supplement what you already have with any of these other resources, especially if you are finding some questions too tough while taking the practice tests. Generally, supplementary study materials will help you broaden your knowledge and make you well prepared. It should, however, not go without saying that time may not always permit one to use as many supplementary study materials as possible – this is why you should start preparing early.

Reach out to others

In cases where units for studying exist, certain individuals are much more comfortable, and are able to pose questions to each other on subject topics; also, it provides an avenue for sharing individual study patterns, methods, and “cheat codes”. Before the exam, sharing your questions with a clinical PT student, perhaps a friend, could be of great use.You should not shy away from making inquiries on subject topics you do not fully understand, as this would help you be familiar with potential questions, and give you an edge when you finally encounter them in an assessment.

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